Horizontal or vertical. 500 gallons to over 3,000 barrels. Produced water to condensate.


Bilton prides itself on its ability to design and manufacture a storage tank to suit any operating environment, application or field condition.


We manufacture our storage tanks using the same stringent manufacturing standards as our pressure vessels.

*All Tanks are available in API 650, API 12F, and ULC

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Bilton’s flare knock out drum packages (FKOD's) are more compact and use less space than the industry standard. Smaller size of the complete package makes Bilton’s knock out drums easier to transport and less expensive to manufacture.


We eliminated the significant costs associated with constructing a manned building to house our knock out drums. Instead, Bilton’s flare knock out drum packages’ design incorporates a heated, insulated enclosure around the saddle and vessel to prevent the contents of your vessel from freezing, while providing adequate space to mount the instrumentation.

Bilton’s flare knock out drums are available in either above ground or underground designs and are customizable to virtually any volume or size, with gauges, valves and other instrumentation to meet any of your technical specifications.


Bilton prides itself on being able to build packages to meet the toughest technical specifications. Better still, we’ll use our design and engineering experience to evaluate your design and suggest ways to minimize your packages’s size or improve its operating efficiency. A more compact, lighter package design lowers material costs and saves lease space.

Bilton’s packages can be built to suit any field conditions, including sour gas, high pressures or extreme temperatures.

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Bilton line heaters’ versatile design can be customized for a wide variety of sweet or sour natural gas production and processing applications. You can trust our reliable line heaters to prevent hydrates from forming in pipelines when your process uses a pressure-drop – maximizing throughput and eliminating expensive down time.

We manufacture line heaters to suit any size or heat duties, with piping and instrumentation to your specifications.


Our packages are manufactured in accordance with ASME standards.


Bilton has the capability to design and manufacture your flare and vent stacks – and help you choose the right incinerator for your field conditions. Our in-house designers and engineers have an excellent track-record developing custom stacks ranging from 20 feet to well over 300 feet in height.

With every project, Bilton analyzes all of your site conditions, such as wind loads and seismic data to determine the most cost-effective design for your flare stack. Bilton offers a variety of waste gas ignition systems for its flare stacks.

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Bilton can manufacture Storage Bullets for NGL and LPG in ALL sizes, up to and including 200,000 USGAL.  Bilton prides itself on its ability to design and manufacture a Storage Bullet to meet any specifications and pressure requirements. With our many years of experience in Oil & Gas we are confident that we will supply you with a high quality custom product that will exceed all of your expectations. 


Bilton’s large manufacturing facility enables us to build pressure vessels up to 20 feet in diameter to over 200 feet in length, with wall thicknesses of up to 8 inches. We perform a finite element analysis using computer-modelled scenarios to test your pressure vessels’ design for any turbulence or vibrations in its pressure cycle. Our designers and engineers use this virtual test to ensure your pressure vessels’ design is flawless before the actual manufacturing process begins.

Bilton designs and manufactures both ASME code and non-standard pressure vessels to the same standards. Bilton has the in-house resources needed to do a complete mechanical and process design for steel and alloy pressure vessels. We also have the capability to pressure test our vessels up to 10,000 ps.


At Bilton our team has experience with large dehy systems in gas
storage plants with combined flows up to 200 mmscfd.

We have standard dehy system designs ranging in size from 12” to
60” contactor diameter using both hot oil and firetube heat sources
for regeneration.

At Bilton we have incorporated design innovations that increase the
efficiency of dehy heat recovery systems and with building high
purity TEG regeneration systems in order to ensure low water
content gas which exceeds standard pipeline spec for water content.

The end of a heat exchanger in our shop.

Bilton has the fabrication, design, and engineering expertise to manufacture Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. All of our Heat Exchangers are manufactured to suit our client’s needs. The majority of our clients are in the Oil and Gas industry, however, we have the expertise to build to suit any industry. 

Our Exchangers are constructed to TEMA R, C or B specifications.  Our Mechanical designs are done with PV/Elite, following the ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 (UHX) code.  We also offer options for the material of construction including carbon steel, stainless steel, and other exotic materials.

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Bilton has the fabrication, design and engineering expertise to manufacture high performance JT skids that can be utilized for: 

  • Recovering Natural Gas Liquids

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning

  • Hydrocarbon Dew-pointing


Condensate stabilizers are used for:

  • Heavy hydrocarbon entering the inlet separator

  • Depending on the inlet separator pressure it can be a volatile mixture (C1, C2, C3 to C30)

  • May contain benzene, toluene, xylene and other aromatic hydrocarbons

  • May contain foulants such as ashphaltenes and waxes