Investing in your future.



Bilton will invest in you by providing you with opportunities to reach your goals and offering hands on training and mentorship. Our training programs are one of the reasons we have among the lowest employee turnover rates in our industry.

If you are an apprentice tradesperson pursuing journeyman certifications or an engineering technician interested in upgrading your skills and formal qualifications, Bilton may reimburse you for tuition and give you time off to attend classes. Investing in you is our way of ensuring we grow and succeed together. We keep your long term goals in mind to allow you further your career. The sky is the limit!


Competitive Compensation

Health and Dental Coverage

Advancement Opportunities

Health Spending Account

Long Term Disability, Life Insurance and Travel Insurance

Referral Bonus

Training Opportunities

Vacation Time

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Competitive Compensation: As an employer of choice, Bilton benefits from the ability to attract and retain high quality employees by providing competitive compensation.

Health and Dental Coverage: Bilton exceeds industry standards in terms of health and dental coverage, with a focus on maintaining long term health and wellness. 

Advancement Opportunities: Bilton believes in developing its employees and encouraging them to grow and pursue new opportunities within the company. 

Health Spending Account: Bilton believes in providing employees with a flexible benefit option, which can be used for additional benefits required to fit the specific needs of each employee and their family. 

Long-Term Disability, Life Insurance and Travel insurance: Bilton provides exceptional insurance to all employees, should such assistance be required.

Training Opportunities: Bilton provides training opportunities to employees through the apprenticeship program, training grants, external training, and several in-house training courses in order to upgrade skills. 

Vacation Time: Employees are encouraged to take time off work to spend with their friends and family, as work-life balance is very important to employee wellbeing. 

Employee and Family Assistance Program: Mental health is a huge part of our daily wellness. Each employee and their family has confidential access to counsellors. 

Referral Bonus: Employee referrals are encouraged and appreciated, which is why Bilton rewards its employees that provide successful referrals with a referral bonus. 


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