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Christmas Adopt-A-Family Campaign

This year, we participated in the Christmas Adopt-A-Family Campaign. Through generous donations by employees, we raised $1765 which was matched by the Bilton family for a total of $3530! With this, we were able to help seven families in need.

A huge thank you to goes out to: Robert Bilton & Anita Bhadresa, Sasha Chiasson, Nick Fetterly, Jamie Topshee, Danny Rieberger, Brittany Osguthorpe, Misty Leier, Aaron McLean, Kyle Sande, Fred Miller, Sally Paradis, Blair Nisbett, Vickie Zhao, Tyler Jenkins, Jessica Madore, Jason Halladay, Thomas Bennett, Desiree Pennock, Dan Miller, Gilbert Tangonan, Fran Hansum, Ashley Gorr, Rocky Spencer, Brent Fletcher, Mike ZsInka, Pat Penner, Niki Stanway, Biju Koravankudi, Yan Zhao, Jeffry Mydland, Mathew Beaudoin, Peter Parks, Dan Feener, and Pat Rey.

Happy Holidays!

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